The Diary “Trust in me and my experience”

Michelle has been in the industry for 13 years and is passionate about skincare. Just a few words from her gave me the reassurance I needed to through these treatments. Its so important to trust the person doing the treatment on you. Here are a few of the words she said: “I want you to look like the best version of you. You also need to want that too. What you do at home is vital to this journey/ treatment plan. When I don’t see you, you need to be doing the homework that I give you. I can do all the high-intensity treatment here to work on the skin at a deeper level, but 60%-70% of the result will be you at home! I.e. Like at the gym working out then go home and eat pizza!! Respect the skin! Its an organ and the largest organ of the body! Let’s devise a plan of action.” I am sold.

Radio Frequency

Week 1 (Radio Frequency RF)

Michelle had told me to avoid the sun and not to exercise and no activities for 24 hrs prior to the treatment and use an SPF.  On arrival at Privet, instead of the normal questions about how busy we are and what lightbulbs need fixing, I was seated in the reception area by Denise the receptionist and offered a glass of water. I am not sure, but my nerves must have been showing – the whole idea of using machines scares the crap out of me. Michelle calmed me down, telling me I had nothing to worry about and took me through to one of the treatment rooms.

As I laid back in the room with Chill FM in the background, I started to relax and Michelle began by going through my consultation card, explained the treatment and asked if I had any questions. She then cleansed my face and applied glycerine oil on my face and neck. She explained it was a conductor for the RF, helps with slip and glide of the RF handpiece and might feel a little tingly. She moved the handpiece over my face section by section, checking the temperature of my skin frequently. Apart from the initial coldness of the gel there was no heat, just a slight sensation of warmth, but that was it. I nodded off for at least 20mins of the treatment. 50 mins later my skin was slightly pink and Michelle was very happy with the results of the blood flow being brought to the skin surface.

Michelle finished by telling me about the aftercare and to use Murads Vitamin C Serum and Murads Collagen infusion: Easy – serum for the morning and collagen for the evening beneath moisturiser and SPF – also I must avoid the sun which is not hard in London.

The overall experience was great and the results? Well, immediately there was a subtle difference, but the results will be accumulative so I am not expecting miracles after the first session. The real decider will be the before and after pictures in 16 weekstime. Michelle, as she does with all consenting clients, will take before and after pics to show the difference.