The Diary: Part Two

Week 3 (HiFu)

Same pre-care as the RF, PLUS no caffeine before treatment. I was also instructed to drink up to two litres of water a day for the week leading up to the treatment and after. If you have a bladder like mine then not brilliant, but doable. The more hydrated the skin, the more effective the treatment and results.

Well, as per last time, no exercise or sunbathing prior to this session. I was more concerned about this treatment than the RF as it goes a little deeper into the skin and even though all the reviews are positive, I cannot help feeling that I am about to put myself in a microwave and switch it on full power. Also, you are supposed to feel this treatment – if youre not they turn it up, if too much for you, they turn it down, yep, how good is your pain threshold, especially if you’re anticipating to feel something?

I entered the treatment room and laid down on the bed. Michelle prepared the same machine, again putting gel on the Hifu head and going through the treatment procedure and what I expect to feel whilst the treatment was happening. Unlike the RF, part of this machine – the HiFu heads – are detachable as they work at different depths depending on the part of the face they are working. Shaped like a very large, rigid toothbrush it sends “shots” of ultrasound along the length of the head of the handpiece one at a time, beeping as it goes.


Michelle asks: “On a scale of 1-5, five being uncomfortable, how does it feel?’  “Two,” I say, so she turns the machine up. “How does that feel now between 1 and 5?” she says. Honestly, there was a slight warm zapping. “Probably a three,” I said. We carried on like that for the next couple of hours. Some areas were more sensitive than others, but nothing uncomfortable or painful about it. The only concern I had was the parking running out on my car and having to finish the treatment early with an incomplete face looking lopsided. OK, thats not a reality, but it did cross my mind.

Treatment over, the same advice: no exercise for 24 hours and avoid the sun.

In the weeks between the next treatments I will be doing a piece on massage, so if you enjoy a massage and want some facts on why massage is important tune in.